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Botox is a versatile treatment that is effective in delivering the desired result to the face and neck


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The botox treatment helps by creating a gentle lifting effect and minimising the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are caused by muscle contractions and repetitive facial movements. With age and loss of skin elasticity, these dynamic lines become apparent at rest. Botox can be used to soften or eradicate these lines.


What to expect

Your Botox is administered during a fifteen minute appointment and will target specific problems, such as crow’s feet, horizontal forehead lines, furrows in between the brows, bunny lines, smokers’ lines, neck lines and neck bands. There is no need for anaesthesia. There is minimal downtime; some bruising may occur post-treatment. Effects are generally noticeable between two weeks after treatment and will typically last three months. It’s important to note that Botox will not radically change your facial appearance and you may be able to frown or look surprised but with diminished or no skin creasing and wrinkling.

Expert treatment

The benefits of botox

  • Botox is a very effective option to soften fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Botox can also be used in conjunction with other facial aesthetic procedures such as dermal fillers to optimise results.
  • Not just reserved for lines and wrinkles, Botox has many uses and can also help to reduce gummy smiles, minimise teeth grinding, aid in the treatment of headaches and treat excessive sweating.

Service FAQ

What is scale of pain?

Pain for the treatment is mild

Will I need to allow for social downtime?

There is potential for bruising but most people return to the everyday activities immediately. As soon as you leave the treatment room, you can apply makeup.

When will I see final Results?

Results are typically seen within 2 weeks and last 3 months.


Dynamic facial lines, gummy smiles, teeth grinding, headaches, neck bands and excessive sweating.

Cost of treatment

For Women 1 Area = €150 2 Area = €200, 3 Areas = €250

For Men 1 Area = €200, 2 Areas = €250, 3 Areas = €300

Botox service fees

(Women) Botox one areas€200.00
(Women) Botox two areas€250.00
(Women) Botox three areas€300.00
Botox for Bunny Lines (Nose)€150.00
Botox for Lines on Upper Lip€150.00
Botox for Chin (Dimpling)€150.00
Botox for Neck (Nefertiti Lift)€300.00
Botox for excessive sweating for hands€500.00
Botox for excessive sweating for face€300.00
(Men) Botox one areas€200.00
(Men) Botox two areas€250.00
(Men) Botox three areas€300.00
Botox for Lip Flip€150.00
Botox for Gummy Smile€150.00
Botox for Masseters (Jaw muscles)€250.00
Botox for excessive sweating for underarms€500.00
Botox for excessive sweating for feet€500.00
Botox for excessive sweating for groin€500.00

Customer comments

What our clients say

“Friendly yet professional staff. Doctor Sonya is very knowledgeable and always puts me at ease answering all my questions. Very happy with the service and results. I feel totally cared for and in great hands”

Rasa Y, Sandymount, Dublin

“Laura and the staff at Doctor 1.618 are always very friendly and make it easy to communicate and discuss your concern before the procedure. I highly recommend this clinic”

Alice B, Templeogue, Dublin

“Super team of professionals who treat their clients like gold. Dr Kathrese is amazing and have been to see her for years for my Botox and Fillers”

Nicola B, Dundrum, Dublin

“Dr. Niall is so amazing and professional! He knew exactly what I wanted and made me feel super comfortable. I am in love with my lip fillers. Will definitely be seeing him again!”

Sarah G, Kilworth, Cork

“Dr Flynn’s work is excellent. I’ve visited Doctor 1.618 twice for facial fillers and am quite satisfied with his work. He is also very careful not to create an unnatural, overdone look, which is very important in my view. I highly recommend this clinic”

Eve N, Abington, Limerick

“Have been getting filler to lips and jawline over several years with best possible outcome. Dr Michael allows you to express you hidden concerns comfortably”

Tracey G, Monkstown, Cork

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