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Profhilo is a novel new treatment
that is taking the aesthetic industry by storm


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Profhilo is an injectable hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin from within, improves collagen and elastin production, and significantly improves tissue quality over time. Called bio-remodelling, skin boosters boost endogenous hyaluronic acid without volumizing the face.


What to expect

Profhilo treatments are hydrating micro-injections of a soft gel-like substance called hyaluronic acid into the skin in a 30 minute appointment. Treatment consists of multiple fine injections into the chosen area of skin to improve skin quality and improve acne-scarred and photo damaged skin. There is little discomfort but topical anaesthetic can be used. Bruising, redness and itchiness can be experienced after treatment. For optimal results, a course of treatments is recommended.

Expert treatment

The benefits of profhilo

  • Profhilo nourishes the skin and delivers deep skin hydration for lasting moisture and improvement on the skin’s surface.
  • This is suitable for all skin types and ages.
  • Profhilo can be used to treat the face, hands, neck and decolletage and Skin will appear fresher and rejuvenated.

Service FAQ

What is scale of pain?

Mild to moderate (topical numbing cream can be used before treatment)

Will I need to allow for social downtime?

There is minimal to no downtime, the bumps (bolus) should go away in about 1 day. With only 5 injection points per side of the face / neck, the pain is generally well-tolerated. If required, the doctor will apply local anesthetics to reduce any possible discomfort during the injection.

When will I see final Results?

After 2 – 3 weeks, you can expect an improvement in the hydration of your skin with a natural glow. After this you should achieve optimal results with visible lifting of the skin and improvement in overall skin texture and radiance. 

Recommended Course

The full protocol usually requires 2 – 3 treatments, with one month apart. We’d recommend to repeat the treatment protocol 6 – 9 months after the initial 2 treatments. The results may vary depending on individual skin and lifestyle.


Fine lines & wrinkles, Smokers Lines, Crepey Skin, Neck, Chest, Hands, Crows Feet, Pigmentation

Cost of treatment

€300 per session

Profhilo service fees

Skin Rejuvenation with Profhilo€300.00

Customer comments

What our clients say

“Such a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere here. A wide range of treatments available, incredible results, extremely professional service and a friendly welcome”

Marcella K, Glanmire, Cork

“There’s never any pressure to have anything done. I trust Gus to do just enough to make a difference but not so much that any one knows! Professional, friendly service”

Jennifer H, Charleville, Cork

“The doctor was extremely well informed, professional and approachable. She explained in detail the procedures, outcomes and managed expectations perfectly. Specific advice and alternatives were also discussed without any obligations which completely put me at rest.”

Tom G, Ballsbridge, Dublin

“Dr K is an artist. I trust her implicitly with my face. She always puts me at ease and will only undertake a treatment if she feels you will achieve tangible results. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for botox. She is the best in Dublin”

Martin O’D, New Ross, Wexford

“Dr Ryan is friendly and staff professional. Always willing to set realistic expectations about results”

Adele O’B, Knocknacarra, Galway

“Dr Sonia is extremely patient and careful and seems to me to be very skilled at what she does.”

Elaine, Blackrock, Dublin

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